About Us


MedInfinity Inc. is one of the Philippines’ fastest-rising pharmaceutical firms dealing primarily with oncology medicines, with a nationwide distribution network that started its operations in 2014. The products are mainly sourced from ISO United Kingdom and ISO India having its manufacturing plant certified by the World Health Organization. The company boasts its wide-array of world-class pharmaceuticals–all fully registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Aiming to provide high-quality, safety-tested and affordable medicine for every Filipino cancer patient, MedInfinity Inc. guarantees over 30-50% savings and is well-accepted by almost all cancer specialists in the Philippines.


Founded on September 8, 2014, MedIfinity Inc. started its quest to provide safe, high-quality, and affordable Oncology medicine with only 8 products in its line-up. It was envisioned and established by a man with a heart to help people to have more access to inexpensive yet quality oncology medicine. Fast forward to the present, the company now has over 20 products in its division and enlisted in most of all private and government hospital nationwide. The company prides itself with its wide distribution network than spans from Luzon to Visayas and to Mindanao.


To be of service to Filipino cancer patients by providing inexpensive and quality oncology pharmaceuticals. To be known as one of the best pharmaceutical distribution companies specializing in oncology.


Our Vision is to established as one of the best pharmaceutical distribution companies in the Philippines that specializes in oncology in terms of experience, and responsible entrepreneurship by providing safe, effective yet affordable generic medicines for cancer patients. Innovation in practice/marketing while returning value to stakeholders is a priority:

a.) The medical community: to be highly ranked by healthcare professionals for our expertise and accountability, as well as for the superb quality of our products and services

b.) Our people: to provide an ideal working environment and attract the best talent in our sector.


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